Inventory Management system
Management system
is not a pain anymore
With our customized solution, Inventory Management becomes simple and efficient.
Forging experiences that drive sales
Our ecommerce solutions help you win the heart of your customers.
Be a winner always with our customized solutions.
Make sense of data
Drive your profits north with accurate business intelligence.
Make sense of data that gives you deep insights.
Keep your webstore ahead of competition.
Our skilled marketing team will drive your sales and build the brand of your company.
Navigate through the maze by building up a solid online presence.
Microsoft Navision
Microsoft Navision
Use the power of Microsoft to make a robust ecommerce platform.
Build a platform that outperforms your competition.
Custom software
Custom software
Management system
With a custom software, be the winner by handling your webstore with ease.
Make your webstore prosper and reap the profits of your labor.
Iwebsquare: A unique experience for online retailers
Partners in your success. Making ecommerce a cake walk for you.
Web Design
We design websites with a top notch UX / UI. In this era where internet has proliferated every aspect of our lives, there is a need to stand apart from a plethora of countless websites through an outstanding UX and UI. An enhanced user experience and user interface (UX/UI) is vital for gaining a foothold in the competitive environment of the internet and to gain the loyalty of the choosy website visitors. Website design and interface that is central to the enhanced experience of the users is a precondition with which we design all our websites.

Websites with a great UX / UI

By researching minutely all the requirements of a user centric website and the things that our clients want to incorporate into their website, we create a fantastic product that holds good over the expectations of our clients. Our in depth product research grows insights and brings forth other strategies as well. By adopting such a holistic approach, we are successful in creating websites that have a number one priority as a great and unique UX/UI. Due to this, we are able to establish meaningful user experience strategies.

What is responsive design?

Today, internet devices are not just confined to desktops and PC. An increasing number of people are using their mobiles and small screen devices like tablets for accessing the internet. The method of designing websites that displays optimally on the desktop, mobile and tablets by readjusting the width of the page by the specified code through the CSS is known as a responsive web design.
Web Design
Custom Software Development
Custom Software Development
Custom software, also known as tailor made software is specifically developed keeping in view the specific needs of a certain user or organization. Since customer software is developed for a particular customer or business, it can accommodate the particular preferences and expectations of the individual.

We develop custom software that fits your hand in glove

iWebSquare is a custom software development company that specializes in developing custom software, business software and automation software that are scalable and flexible as per your needs. We basically develop custom software that automates your everyday workflow and make your life easier.

We build custom software that suits your business

We believe in the maxim that one size doesn’t fit all. In today’s world of massive information flow, with technologies changing constantly, there is no dearth of technologies that can fit your business. But you need a customized software that is tuned to your way of working and is scalable and flexible as per your needs. We have made a number of productivity applications, content management systems, process tools and a lot more with everything tuned to the unique needs of each business that approaches us. We deliver to you exactly what you need, and the solution is crafted as per your process work flow.
Content Management System (CMS)
A content management system (CMS) is an application through which one can publish, edit and modify content. You can also organize, delete and as well as maintain content from a central interface through a CMS. Such a type of CMS work in a collaborative environment to manage workflow. Through a content management system, you can run websites containing blogs, news and shopping.

Easy to use

The CMS developed by iWebSquare is easy to use with no technical knowledge required. If you can handle basic document formatting features of a popular software like MS Word or Writer, you can easily work on our CMS. You can add pictures, links or videos on your own and as well as edit text and pages with the aid of our CMS.

SEO friendly

If the content on your website is regularly updated with fresh and relevant content, you can rank higher in search engine results. With the help of our SEO friendly CMS, you can easily edit and update your website content. Our CMS is also equipped with critical SEO features that help you to add meta descriptions, title tags, etc. to make your website SEO friendly.

Works collaboratively

There are several people involved in the maintenance of website content. Our CMS solution helps you to allow them all to work collaboratively to update and refresh the content on your website. With our CMS, you can easily add people and roles and have various levels of permissions on who can edit or publish on your website.
Content Management System (CMS)
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Redefine commerce offers you endless opportunities in the realm of ecommerce. Our customized ecommerce package helps you to integrate all your ecommerce processes and streamline them to make your business efficient and robust system wise. A one in all solution, Redefine commerce offers your advanced functionality in numerous areas.

Redefine helps you with the ERP integration. This is necessary since it integrates all your business processes. Instead of making silos of information from different departments of your business, ERP integration helps you to get a unified view and streamlined processes. Redefine commerce also helps you to sync your inventory across various channels.

Order management is also one of the important processes that Redefine commerce handles. With the help of this solution, keeping tabs on all your orders, whether from one store or multiple stores, was never so easy. Redefine commerce also helps you in your shipping management. Deciding on a shipping service or even in printing shipping labels, generating invoices or drop shipping, we streamline everything for you.

Business intelligence solutions are also incorporated into the Redefine commerce solution so that you can take solid business decision based on meaningful data and a robust analysis. All this information is analyzed real time, so that you can gain valuable insights. This streamlines the decision making process in your business. Last but not the least, with the customer relationship management or CRM tool incorporated in the Redefine commerce solution, you can manage your sales and customers well.

Thus, Redefine commerce is a one in all package that takes care of all your eCommerce needs from the start to finish.
Inventory Management
Inventory Management forms an important part of your eCommerce setup. You need an inventory management system that fulfils all your business needs. iWebSquare gives you a unique and personalized inventory management system that seamlessly integrates with all your back end processes resulting in easy management of your inventory.

With our custom built inventory management system you get:

  • An all in one business inventory management system that helps you boost your sales and productivity.
  • It enables you to work on inventory data to address any concerns your customers may have and empower your sales channels.
  • It works with multiple online stores such as Yahoo, Amazon, eBay or any custom eCommerce platform.
  • Our inventory management system is designed to track your stock more efficiently.
  • Our system helps you to track particular details and obtain deep insights that give you an edge over your competition.

The invoices generated by our inventory management system will be send quickly to your customers. This translates receiving your payments in less time. We provide PayPal integration as well, so that your customers can pay you directly from the invoice itself.

You can also avail the following add-ons for growing your business:

  • Shipping management solution simplifies your order fulfillment process for businesses of all sizes.
  • Feed management system offers a complete range of solutions for feed management, feed data validation and feed content optimization.
  • Warehouse management system lets you manage your stock from a warehouse facility, and constructs a seamless link with order processing and logistics management.
  • Returned Merchandize Authorization or RMA enables you to generate RMA number and slip and calculation of restocking fees and due refunds. It also enables you to selling returned items as refurbished ones.
Inventory Management
BI & Analytics
BI & Analytics
What is Business Intelligence (BI)?

Business Intelligence (BI) is a process where data is analyzed and is aimed to improve the business bottom line and performance by making informed decisions at the highest level. It is the quality of information that we get through BI that makes us to make informed decisions and this helps us to improve the performance of our business. This process is totally technology driven. It includes a variety of tools, applications and methodologies that enable businesses to collect raw data from internal systems and external sources, prepare it for analysis, develop and run queries against the data and create valuable reports, dashboards and data visualizations. This process of data filtering and analysis converts the raw data into valuable information that helps corporate decision making.

Besides advanced software, BI also includes data visualization software for designing charts and other infographics, as well as tools for building BI dashboards and performance scorecards that play the role of displaying the inference of data in a friendly manner that can be quickly grasped and understood by top business decision makers.


Reporting entails collecting and presenting data in a friendly manner so that it can be effectively analyzed and valuable insights can be gained from it. In the context of business intelligence (BI), we can consider reporting both in a strictly defined terms and also in its broader, general meaning. In the first case, reporting is the art of collecting data from various sources and presenting it to decision makers in a form that is understandable and ready to be analyzed. In the second case, reporting means presenting both data and information, and hence it includes inferences. In other words, reporting here means allowing the decision makers to both see and understand the data, as well as take actions based on that data and information.
Use insights from BI for your growth
Make use of detailed and comprehensive BI reports to make sound decisions
  • Achieve top rank in Google search engine results for targeted keywords.
  • We possess the qualified workforce to get you the desired results you want in your SEO.
  • A comprehensive audit of your website is undertaken and competitor analysis is also done in order to build a robust plan that shows the clear path to success.
  • On page optimizing is done and internal linking is adjusted to maximize your website rankings.
  • A top notch landing page is created and is optimized for boosting your search rankings for each and every keyword.
  • Link building and top quality content creation goals are set up to enrich your website and to help in the SEO of your website.
Social Media Optimization

Uses different social media platforms, both free and paid, to make the content and the presence of your organization felt in the realm of social media channels. You can reach highly targeted audiences with proper filters to get access to their likes, their comments, their recommendations and the same kind of activity to make the content of your organization popular and build the brand of your organization. Businesses are generally perceived as impersonal and monolithic to the general public. Social Media Optimization helps you to tear down the walls between your business and your target audience and make yourself more accessible and popular to the general public.

  • Engage with your targeted audience with the help of social media marketing.
  • Make the use of influencers in your segment to gain reputation and trust of your customers.
  • Make your business popular through word of the mouth and increase your popularity like wildfire.
  • Stay relevant to your targeted audiences and on the top of their minds due to the social media optimization.
A Portal That's Built Around You

Get a dynamic, flexible and a secure web portal solution for your business. We have a customized online portal solution just for your business. This solution will seamlessly integrate with your current system to deliver maximum performance.
  • Get a comprehensive collection of tools and features that facilitate your growth.
  • All your information is safe with us. All your sensitive information will be encrypted.
  • Get advanced functionalities through your portal. Change the way your pages look and you can also integrate third party tools to make your portal even more useful.
These are the types of portals that we can develop for you:
  • Social Communities Portal-Get a perfect platform to form online communities. This will help you to market your product and services to your targeted audience.
  • B2B eCommerce Portal-Get an edge over your competitors by tapping the B2B market. Use all your available resources for an optimum performance.
  • Enterprise Information Portal-Get a better enterprise information with the help of our solution. You can make faster decisions and improve your business performance.
  • Knowledge Management Portal- Manage the knowledge base of your organization effectively with the portal solution developed by iWebSquare.
What Does CRM to ERP Integration Really Mean?

As happens with financial summary information, the information related to invoice and sales order history is quite common and these can be integrated relatively easily. This involves a more structured CRM database as these transactions represent many-to-one information. Thus, a given account may have only a few information from various fields associated with it or it can have a lot of related transactions.

Before deciding whether your CRM should be integrated with the ERP system, the following points should be considered for your CRM system:

  • Your CRM system can handle your existing quotation process with great functionality.
  • Your CRM requires a third party add-on to support the complexities of your quoting process.
  • Your sales process is ad hoc and you can continue to use applications like Word or Excel for your sales quote.
  • The other area to evaluate is whether your ERP inventory and non-inventory items can be managed within a CRM sales quoting system. For example, if you have only less than a couple of dozen inventory items in ERP that are connected to the sales quotes, it is likely that they can be easily managed within a CRM sales quoting system.
  • However when your inventory items in ERP run into hundreds or even thousands, and are connected to sales quotes, then continuing with a new CRM system becomes impractical. For this purpose, continuing with your existing sales quoting system may remain the best option.
Manage your customers efficiently
Make use of ERP/CRM integration for a better customer experience.
Microsoft Navision
Microsoft Navision
Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Since the advent of the internet, the way of doing business has changed. The amount of information available to the customer has increased exponentially. Customer avail information about products through multiple platforms. On top of this, the economic situation has led to shrinking budgets and increasing targets. How does one manage? Having a good CRM system that is integrated with your ERP has become a necessity.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is fast to implement, easy to use enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that aids companies worldwide to manage their accounting and finances, supply chain and operations. It forms a part of complete solution for your business from Microsoft that helps you plan your operations efficiently and to aid your business growth. This solution is totally scalable and you can cover all your business needs for now and as well as plan for the future.

You need more than an accounting software

In the course of the growth of your company, change in the processes that you implement for operations is bound to change. However, if you don’t adapt to the changing needs and latest technologies, you may become outdate and this may actually hamper the growth of your business. You need to adopt a holistic approach to connect your people, processes and systems to make well informed decisions and to keep the growth trajectory fuelled up.
Open Source
Open Source Customization

If your business is online, you can use open source software for your advantage. Open source applications have the following benefits:

  • Open source saves your time and money.
  • Open source offers an easy and cost effective start to your business.
The open source customization of iWebSquare that consists of graphic designers and web developers specifically help our clients to create customized templates, skins, integrating designs, installing templates and their modes and making custom modifications as per the requirement of the client. This ensures better results and the cost of such operations is also low due to the software being open source.
iWebSquare specializes in:

  • Custom templates designing
  • Modules customization and development
  • Design integration and redesigning
  • Module installation
  • Technical support for maintenance and enhancements
  • Designing a complete eCommerce solution with payment gateway integration
  • Third party software integration
Open Source
Mobile Application Development
Mobile Application Development
Iwebsquare is a company that cares about your business growth. To aid you in this, we make top notch mobile apps that take care of all the processes of your business or help you to engage with your customers. We bring to reality your idea of an ideal app and help you create niche products that have got both style and substance. In the fast paced world of technological change, the mobile phone or the smart phone has become ubiquitous in our daily lives, and we offer you solutions that fully integrate this aspect of mobility in your business strategy.

The demand for mobile apps is increasing rapidly. Iwebsquare is a leading mobile app development company that offers mobile application development for android, iPhone, iPad and Windows mobile application development. Our team of highly skilled and experienced mobile app developers cater to your every need of your app and are with you from the conception of your app till its completion and release in the market. Our expert mobile application team delivers to you a highly sought after solution that caters to all your needs concerning all the needs of your enterprise.
Why choose iwebsquare for your mobile application development needs?
  • We possess a team of highly skilled and experienced mobile application developers.
  • Our expert developers possess in depth knowledge in skills and frameworks required for mobile application development.
  • We can boast of an on demand capacity of skilled developers that can deliver results to you despite tight deadlines.
  • Our stringent quality process ensures that only the high quality apps are released in the market that fulfill all your needs and functionalities.
  • We deliver all our products on time and in a cost effective manner.
  • Our past record speaks for itself. We are in this business since the last decade and a half and have a mastery over delivering high quality mobile applications.
Redefine Products Family
Get assured returns on every dollar that you spend. Our products will make your ecommerce business more efficient and top notch.
  • Sqr CMSRedefine CMS
  • Sqr POSRedefine POS
  • Sqr CRMRedefine CRM
  • Sqr Marketing MetricsRedefine Marketing Metrics
  • Sqr Inventory & Order Management SystemRedefine Inventory & Order Management System
  • Sqr SearchRedefine Search
  • BI & ReportingBI & Reporting
  • Sqr CommerceRedefine Commerce
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