About Us


Let us introduce ourselves
iwebsquare is a leader in the arena of

information technology (IT)

. Based in Massachusetts, we are a business problem turnkey solution provider in the field of everything digital and IT. Our 15 year plus experience gives us the depth and the capacity to serve you best keeping in mind our values of delivering a high quality product/service within the deadline. Stability, symmetry and perfection are all the attributes of a square and iwebsquare strives to emulate all these qualities.
At iwebsquare, we have assembled a talented team of developers,

system integrators


digital strategists


creative designers

and a host of other experts to work in a cooperative spirit on our client projects. We rely on each other's expertise, working together in teams to generate positive outcomes for projects that our customers love.
What makes iwebsquare perform consistently?
  • A Human Touch

    It is the people that we nurture, and not just treating them as a human resource to be utilized.
  • A Highly Qualified Team

    Our team is one of the best you will encounter who are highly qualified and experienced in their specified areas of work.
  • Seamless coordination

    Our team seamlessly coordinates with each other with dedication and overwhelming trust in each single individual.
In what areas can we help you?
Iwebsquare is committed to provide you first class service in the areas as mentioned below. Though the list is not exhaustive, it provides a bird’s eye view about the type of work we are capable of delivering.
  • Application Development

    You can get customized apps made for your business that simplify your business processes. Create customized solutions that give you results and make a marked positive difference on your business.
  • Internet Marketing

    Get access to powerful marketing strategies that deliver measurable improvements in your market reach. Make your presence on the web skyrocket with our internet marketing strategies. Boost your sales and conversions through effective SEO and content marketing.
  • Mobile application Development

    Make a positive difference on your business by opting for our mobile applications. Witness improvements in your sales, customer service or business operations with effective mobile apps made for you.
  • Consulting

    Get access to top notch Business Intelligence (BI) by taking advantage of our expertise in the field of ecommerce, internet marketing and website design and development.
  • Ecommerce

    We have great expertise in Amazon webstore development, Yahoo store development, eBay store design and development and Big Commerce development. Our ever growing list of satisfied clients is a proof of our success.
How we are equipped to make a lasting difference on your business
Spread over 10,000 square feet of plush office space, Iwebsquare offers the best both to its employees and clients. We possess the latest infrastructure and the state of the art technology in order to ensure that our experts are able to deliver the best to their clients, and in this process, it is you who benefits the most.

Secure Environment

Strict project monitoring is done at Iwebsquare and a strict company policy is maintained regarding the privacy of your project.
Safety First

A number of measures like Non-Disclosure Agreements, IP Protected Projects, Data and Network Security and Physical Security measures are taken to protect the confidentiality of your data and project.
Regular Updates

In terms of hardware, software, servers, and scalability, our employees are given access to some of the best technology. All our resources are updated regularly to offer you the best.
Gain the benefits of a highly motivated, educated, specialized and experienced team of over 100 employees that are solely focused to produce a positive result for your business. Here is a list of some of the type of expertise we possess.
Business Consultants

Get expert business consultants on board entirely dedicated to solving your business problems.
Systems Integrators

Implement a dynamic approach to a system that works in harmony with your goals.
Business Developers

Hire developers that are set on enhancing Business Intelligence rather than coding.
Digital Strategists

Develop a strategy that’s evolutionary. We think outside the box to get you the best results.
Creative Designers

Gain access to designers who create works, that are pleasing, eye catching and enhance the user experience.
Marketing Specialists

Get a large team of marketers who can help you reach your target audience in ways you never expected.
Disaster Preparedness

Emergency management and disaster preparedness is acquiring greater significance in today’s highly unpredictable times. Iwebsquare makes every effort to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from and mitigate threats or impacts of manmade and natural disasters. Given below is the scope and policy of our disaster preparedness plan.
  • All-inclusive: We consider and include all hazards, all phases, all stakeholders and all impacts relevant to the type of disasters we may face.
  • Open-minded: We anticipate future disasters and take preventive and mitigating measures in order to have disaster resistance and disaster resilience for our clients.
  • Integrated: Ensure that all our departments act in a coordinated manner in case of any disaster.
  • Coordinated: Take stock of all the stakeholders involved and prepare a response in advance for any stakeholder for every type of disaster.
  • Flexible: Using creative and innovative approaches that solve the problems in a flexible and logical manner.
  • Professional: We believe in continuous improvement and give thrust to a scientific and a knowledge based approach as far as disaster preparedness is concerned.