5 Website Issues That Are Killing Your Conversions

Getting traffic to your website is easy. The difficult part is to turn visitors to customers. You would say- This is no brainer, everybody knows that. Yes, but do you know those small mistakes you are making which actually killing conversions on your website.

We know that the initial strategy for any company is to get more and more traffic towards the website and it should be but it should not be the only goal. There are a lot of reasons hidden in your website which are acting as a turn off for your visitors. You have to remember that average amount of time a visitor gives attention to you website is 8 seconds, if in this period they do not get anything exciting or what they are looking for, they will turn away and that is a lost potential customer.

According to our customers, these are the main reasons which are responsible for the visitors to turn away and to never come back and by rectifying these mistakes you can increase your conversions and revenue dramatically.

1. Slow Load Time – Have you visited any website and waited for the page to load and eventually moved from that website because Google has given you hundreds and thousands of other options to go to which can provide prompt solution for your issues. Yes this is a major reason why visitors can’t turn in to leads. Do a regular Website audit for your website to make sure that the load time for your website is low. This strategy can increase the no. of conversions by 12%.

2. No Reviews On The Website – More than 70% of the Americans say that they look at the product reviews before making a purchase. Nearly 63% of consumers Indicates that they are more likely to buy from a website if it has product ratings and review. Whether you are selling a product or service, Customer testimonials and product reviews can increase your chances to sell that product/service hugely.

3. Using Website Forms Wrong – Yes you need these forms to get information of the visitor so that you can get back to them but most of the websites have a complicated procedure or they ask too many questions for a customer to fill. Remember you only need email and phone no. of the customers so that you can get back to them, all other information can be retrieved by a simple phone call or an email. Our personal favorite is using social login on the website. More than 70% of visitors are comfortable with social logins. (Important) don’t use Captcha, this is one of the most hated features in websites. Use Google’s Recaptcha instead if you have to use one.

4. Tasteless CALLS-TO-ACTION – CTA with very Bland content can drive customers away. The Top Converting CTA buttons contain 2 Words or less. Make them count. Make this button more personal for a visitor to emotionally connect with the product. Specific is better too, just adding one word after the word “submit” can boost conversions rates by 320%. Keep it different from other websites but keep it precise.

5. Toothless Marketing Strategy – Whatever you have on the website needs to be marketed through other channels, the best strategy is through email campaign and using it effectively. 68% of participating companies report a good or excellent ROI through Email campaigns. Email marketing helps move new leads further down the sales funnel. This is another way to nurture relationships and keep your company in conversations of your customers. You can also take help of different Digital Marketing Solutions providing companies to automate the process.

Some tips to keep in Mind –

• Opt for social Media autofill features. With this you can increase form conversion rates as much as 190%.

• You will get only five seconds from your customer opening your emails. Keep the content short and to the point while using email campaigns.

Following this list you can get the necessary boost required to drive sales for your website and we will be posting more on how to increase the conversions on your website on this Blog. For other factors which are affecting your conversion you can go through this post by us (7 Conversion Killers). Comment if you know more things that can affect conversions so that we can add them in the next post.

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