How Cyber Attacks Can Affect Your Business And How To Stay Safe

Why do you need a topnotch security for your business you ask? Let’s assume you have an online business and you are doing good, making enough money by providing quality product/services at the best prices to your customers. Things are going great and you are thinking about may be trying to get your hands on a different business field.

One day you come to home and you found out that your website is down or more worse a note/banner from a cyber-hacker on the home page of your website. That man has just got access to all your customer data and might sell it to the highest bidder on the dark web. Next few days you might get calls from customers having concerns about their payment information stored on your server which was stolen.

Getting the website back online is the easy part, the tough part is getting the trust back of your loyal customers, and they would prefer to go to your competitor’s store now just because it is secure no matter how better your product is from your competitor.

Do you think cyber hackers only go for big names? Let’s talk some stats here

First of all it is easier for a hacker/cybercriminal to hack 10-15 unsecured small business websites rather than going after a huge brand having a formidable online security solution in place.

According to PwC’s 2015 Information Security Breaches Survey (ISBS) This year 74% of small businesses in UK reported a security breaches and in 2014 this no. was only 60%. A 14% of whopping annual increase in cyber threats which is not a good news for any online business. These breaches cost £75-£311k on average which is a huge increase from the previous year which was £65-£115K.

Keeping these stats in mind you might want to invest in cyber security, whether you like it or not. Let’s learn the basic steps to ensure cyber safety for your business.

Basic Steps Towards Cyber Security

First of all understand that you are an easy target for cyber criminals having no security solutions in place. Secondly, ensure that you are protected against basic cyber-attacks, make sure the hosting you get from is a secured server (ask your web development company to point you in the right direction) You don’t need to get an in house professional, there are a lot of firms providing online security solutions to small business, Third, after placing all security solutions in place, hire a company to do a cyber-health check for your store to make sure that you are secured. Make sure that you use a paid service to check the vulnerabilities.

I have attached this infographic from UK government which would make you understand the areas you need to focus on to protect yourself against majority of cyber attacks. Here are the 10 steps to Cyber security-

10 steps to Cyber security

Workplace Rules To Ensure Cyber Security

• Malware Protection –

You need to install a known malware protection software and update it regularly at your workplace computers.

• Access Controls –

Don’t assign special access privileges to other people than you. If required keep the no. of administrators low and only provide the minimum level of access to computers, applications and networks.

• Firewalls and Internet gateways –

There should be a regularly updated firewall in the server where your organization connects to internet.

• Secured Installation –

Make sure to implement caution when building and installing computers and network devices to reduce unwanted security breaches.

• Patch Management –

Make sure that all the software used on computers and network devices are up to date and run regular scans.

I understand that as a small business owner installing secured solutions for your online business looks like an added expense towards your business but trust me, these days cyber security is one of the most required aspect for any online business. Remember with any successful cyber-attack not only you would lose your revenue but also your customer will suffer. Happy business.

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