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Obtaining Data from NAV is Difficult.
Obtaining Data from NAV is Difficult.

Just like the majority of ERPs, NAV is a relatively static environment developed to enforce business processes as well as steadily record them. It's not intended to enable versatility in the way reports are created, how data gets used, or the way budgeting gets handled.

Customized NAV Reports Are Costly.

Customized NAV Reports

Are Costly.

There will come a time when your firm needs new reports, adjustments to reports, "innocent" changes and/or report versions. And there's a reason technical experts, as well as consultants, are more than happy to assist your reporting requirements-- it's rewarding for them.

Copy and Paste is a Complete Wastage.
Copy and Paste is a Complete Wastage.

Your data quality must not be affected by the manual, error-prone job of assembling crucial financial as well as operational data to develop the reports you require or generate your budgets. That additionally indicates your most beneficial assets are investing much more time compiling details or attempting to reconcile it than in fact utilizing it-- minimizing effectiveness and costing you a lot more.

Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics
Why IWebSquare ?

Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics

  • Enhanced decision making
  • Extra insight into day-to-day processes.
  • Identify trends.
  • Enhanced effectiveness in finance, sales, stock levels, and a lot more
  • Discover up- and cross-sell opportunities within a glance.

BI Solution

for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

IWebSquare is constructed on Data-Warehouse technique targeted at countless sources, organizations, and currencies and features the Wizard, as well as prebuilt Excel & Power BI, reports.

Streamline your business with one solution
Saves Time.
Streamline your business with one solution.

Integration gets rid of manual data entry. There's no necessity to input the same data repeatedly again to various other systems. Whenever you input data into a single system, data automatically synchronizes to your additional systems as specified by your rules. Imagine product data in NAV syncing to your webshop, web-based orders syncing to NAV, as well as shipping and tracking information synchronizing to your website. Automation saves you time hence by doing away with the requirement for you to type in data by yourself.

Real-Time Business Information.
Why IWebSquare ?
Real-Time Business Information.

Every single decision maker looks forward to real-time, accurate business data delivered to them whenever and wherever they require it. Business Intelligence solutions can promptly bring in the details needed with powerful database reporting, comprehensive business analytics, and sophisticated reporting services.

Make smart decisions.
More Effective Processes.
Make smart decisions.

Do you believe that the majority of your data lives in Excel spreadsheets? Integration looks after that, as well. It boosts your operational performance, so you get more timely data. This approach enables you to find out things quicker like at what time to shift inventory from one place to another, when to markdown products, and also how to promote in one area compared to another. Additionally, Integration results in faster decision making.

Improve Data Processing.
Data Visibility.
Improve Data Processing.

Having the ability to make crucial business decisions at the perfect time depends on having visibility into your operations. Integration is usually the key to that kind of clarity. It provides you with a central area to handle and check out all of your data.

Keep track of Consumer Needs.
Implement quickly.
Keep track of Consumer Needs.

Today's consumers ask for a lot from merchants. They desire quick shipping times, low to none shipping charges, real-time product availability status, and therefore a lot more. Without integration, merchants struggle to deliver this experience. Additionally, Integration is your ideal solution to designing a superior experience.

Actual Data Warehouse.

IWebSquare provides 1000+ KPIs in a correctly structured Data Warehouse.

Power BI and Excel.

IWebSquare offers a package of Power BI as well as Excel dashboards.

Microsoft Technology.

It matches flawlessly to the environment-- in premise or cloud.

Effortless Customizations.

Wizard allows tailoring existing BI solution and constructing new projects.

One-Size-Fits-All Solution.

Supports numerous currencies, databases, organizations as well as AX/NAV versions.

Makes AX/NAV upgrades much more straightforward.

Complete Microsoft Dynamics upgrade project quicker by merging data in IWebSquare.

Step 1
Step 1.
Data coming from
Dynamics NAV
gets stored structured, enhanced and cleaned up in a data warehouse.
Step 2
Step 2.

Users can analyze data and create flexible reports.

Step 3
Step 3.

Now you can demonstrate leadership skills. The obtained insights make it possible for you to decide the appropriate path of the organization.

Advantages of business intelligence for
Microsoft Dynamics Navision
Microsoft Dynamics Navision + IWebSquare for management.
Microsoft Dynamics Navision + IWebSquare for management.
  • Dive from high-level business summary to company-wide information in seconds.
  • Compare sales, inventory as well as purchasing figures (by account, parts, rep, branch, stock/direct) across periods in minutes.
  • Gain access from any device, at any place.
  • Deploy in the cloud or on-premise.
  • Swift install and customizations.
  • Export to Excel and share in a couple of clicks.
  • Get decision makers to dive deep into your records to find answers as well as opportunities.
Microsoft Dynamics Navision + IWebSquare for sales
Microsoft Dynamics Navision + IWebSquare for sales
  • Recognize elements that are selling plus those that aren't.
  • link-sell as well as sales opportunities.
  • Focused promotions.
  • Possible accounts for new parts.
  • New accounts for your greatest margin-earning parts.
  • Have you been facing dropping sales?
  • Track targets for volume, value, margin, sales rep, branch, account, and part.
  • Credit as well as returns analysis
Microsoft Dynamics Navision + IWebSquare for inventory as well as purchasing.
Microsoft Dynamics Navision + IWebSquare for inventory as well as purchasing.
  • Stock turns.
  • Slow-Moving stock.
  • Inventory investment at-hand
  • Reduced inventory values
  • Inventory value and quantity-on-hand across all warehouses.
  • Part groups and SKUs for on-hand, on-order and in-transit stock.
  • open/ historical/ future/ outstanding orders.
  • examine the bill of materials (BOM).
Speak to us about
Speak to us about
  • Financials.
  • CRM/ contact management.
  • CRM analysis.
  • Marketing analysis.
  • Rebates.
  • Pricing module.
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