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Get extra time to expand your business
Get extra time to expand your business
Let our workflow algorithims process-tedious manual work allowing you to innovate and

push your growth.

Get Real-Time Actionable Alerts
Get Real-Time Actionable Alerts

By utilizing alerts, retailers will be able to set they would want humans to address, allowing as much or as less automation as needed for each process.

Give Your Customers a Better Experience
Give Your Customers a Better Experience

Automation of tasks prevents silly errors, leading to customers who give excellent feedback and come back for more.

User Roles & Permissions
Custom Roles & Permissions

User Roles & Permissions

Give custom permissions to different staff as per the authority that they hold in the store.

Set Your Own If/When Statements
Set Your Own If/When Statements
Create Your Own Triggers & Events

Make every little thing A Touch Point For Consumer Contact And Sales Opportunities. Automatically Deliver Emails As Per Order Triggers, Consumer Behavior, Order History, Products Viewed, And A lot More. Prepare Your specific Rules And Defining Statements.

Behavior Triggers & Email Automation

Prepare powerful email messages as per consumer behavior like order completion, order update, order delete, abandon the cart, purchase of specific kind of products, time intervals, particular purchase levels, ad code use, consumer type, shipping mode and therefore a lot more!

Get Custom Actionable Alerts
Get actionable insights & Notifications
Get Custom Actionable Alerts

Keep track of all the key events you wish to monitor like canceled orders, new consumers, recent orders, or specific consumer behavioral events. Moniter your entire operational process, and get notifications on the items that you care most about. 

Process Automation, Automate your Workflows
Intelligent Process Automation
 comes with all The functionalities you need to automate your business. 
Systemize Fulfillment Workflows

iWebSquare's Automation app enables you to seamlessly automate the allocation as well as the fulfillment of inventory for orders which satisfy the conditions you requested. By having more than 25 Conditions, and a variety of fulfillment choices, you can prepare rules which precisely fulfill the requirements of your retail business.

Allocate And Fulfill From Multiple Warehouses

In case you've got several warehouses, automation will locate inventory in different warehouses which you select, in the sequence you define, to ensure your orders get shipped with no delay. Opt to send complete Orders, or to partly fulfill, in case receiving all available products shipped turns out to be your priority.

Automation As Per Your Schedule

By Default, Automation operates round The Clock, Processing Orders at the earliest. However, we additionally provide a variety Of Scheduling Options To satisfy Your requirements - Select From Daily, Weekly Or Monthly Routines So Automation only works Whenever You Need It To.

Invoice Your Company's Orders

Make sure Your Accounting Is Always Updated by Automatically Invoicing Orders Which Are Completely Paid And Shipped, Or At Any Other Time You Select!

Initiate Purchase Orders With Your Most Cost-effective Suppliers

Order inventory off the back of incoming sales orders instantly, selecting from your cheapest or primary suppliers for every item, or from a specific supplier. You can make this the norm, or only during times when you go out of stock in your company's warehouse - you get to choose

You Define Your Automation Rules

Precisely choose Which Orders Need To Be Updated, And The Actions You Prefer To Apply To Them In Each Rule So that you're able to customize the way automation accurately satisfies the requirements of your business.

Tag Consumers For Targeted Marketing
Utilize Automation’s Configurable Rules To Tag Consumers As Per The things They’Re Purchasing. Synchronize These Tags With Your Consumer Lists In Mailchimp Or alternative Marketing Platforms For
Real Campaign Automation
Automate Your Preferred Orders

Along with Automation’s simple Setup, You will be able to decide on the Orders You Do Not Wish To Be Picked Up, also The ones That You Do - For Those Orders which Always require A Human Support.

Discounts as per Behavior

Generate Discounts which "turn on" as per the consumer behavior. For instance, offer a discount on a total purchase if they have got over $100 (or any amount) in their cart. Else as a post-sales, you can create a purchase rule to email the consumer discounts as per purchase level of $50, $100, $ 250 or another total amount.

Create Content Workflows

Create a custom workflow for managing the complete lifecycle of content items and pages. With the ability to create approval processes, for content pages, you gain the ability to make sure only the content you want to go live, gets published.

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We help businesses leverage their stores to achieve the highest level of performance and profit, with features requested from our 300+ customer list.

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Enterprise Web Content Management
Enterprise Web Content Management

Create engaging personalized experiences across any device with a next-generation headless CMS.

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Inventory Omnichannel Solutions
Inventory Omnichannel Solutions

Get control of your inventory, manage multiple warehouses, pick pack and ship and get bottom line financials.

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Microsoft Dynamics Navision & 365
Microsoft Dynamics Navision & 365
Get a full suite of consulting, implementation, customization, upgrade, and 24x7x365 support for
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
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