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Safeguarded Payment Gateways

Safeguarded Payment Gateways

Our system could be customized and managed to enable you to give your consumers a selection of choices according to the things that work perfect for your company, from card payments to purchase orders.

Streamline Consumer Payments
Streamline Consumer Payments

Getting an excessively complicated payment procedure pushes your consumers aside, and that's why transactions via our system will be taken care of via a single, uncomplicated page.

Add in Multiple Checkouts
Add in

Multiple Checkouts

Our online business platform enables you to add in third-party payment gateways from companies such as Amazon, Authorize.net, and PayPal, enhancing both sales and delight.

Manage Global Transactions and Orders
Manage Global Transactions and Orders

Using our list of payment gateway providers, you'll be able to receive credit card payments from consumers throughout the world. After that, pick among our leading shipping companies to deliver products, or build your unique shipping strategies with webhooks.

Sell Securely with PCI Compliance
Sell Securely with PCI Compliance

We provide small- and medium-sized companies a lot more than just experience and necessary certifications; we've structured the compliance procedure to make tightening up your security relatively easy to enable you to return to business as usual.

Using our proprietary process, you'll be able to accomplish compliance and security with lesser payroll hours, much fewer interruptions, and a lower amount of effort from your company's IT department. The effectiveness of the process does not just make compliance effortless for you; it frees our team to offer an extremely personal level of assistance at fair prices.

Provide Consumers
Additional Payment Choices

Allow numerous checkout options with your company's gateway and enable consumers to make the payment via your shop or their PayPal account. In case you want to bill your consumers in the future, allow our deferred payments choice.

Provide Consumers Additional Payment Choices
Amazon Payments

Amazon includes a large number of users, and allowing purchases via their payment gateway enables you to provide countless prospective customers a secure checkout.

Google Checkout

Our real-time integration (Level 2) with Google Checkout is a superb choice for online sales using an extensively reliable brand providing consumers the security they require.


One of the biggest payment gateways on the market, PayPal deals with an incredible number of transactions annually, providing your clients with a secure and reliable payment remedy.


Among the oldest and most safe payment gateways on the market, Authorize is put to use for small enterprises because of its ease for industries.

Member Pricing as well as Discounts
Member Pricing as well as Discounts

IWebSquare features extremely innovative functionalities regarding member-specific pricing and discounts that are particularly useful to B2B organizations. IWebSquare allows you to set discounts on categories, sub-categories as well as products, fix bulk pricing plus more. Role-based pricing logic makes it, so it's possible to add pricing to groups of consumers or dependant on their roles. Also, develop shipping or fee discounts for each consumer. If you're able to envision a discounted price or specific pricing scenario, IWebSquare makes it work.

Obtain Recurring Payments Conveniently
Obtain Recurring Payments Conveniently

Automate recurring payments with IWebSquare, that enables custom billing plans which will take place at any interval, for example, every day, weekly or month-to-month, every X days, weeks, months or times each month. Billing can happen a specific number of times and after that stop. Along with the appropriate integration, the system will even send notifications to the consumer to remind them of an upcoming bill or the fact that credit card they've got on record will expire soon.

Payment Processor Features

Whenever you choose your payment gateway of preference, there are many important aspects for you to plan. IWebSquare eCommerce improves and aids your payment processor in many ways:

Worldwide Implementation

Payment gateways offer choices for global transactions, and with IWebSquare, you'll be able to take advantage of powerful international alternatives to reach out to any consumer. IWebSquare's tools are useful for businesses that would require multiple online business stores in various languages, enabling you to unite your company's transactional data and processes irrespective of country. IWebSquare tools could also support different regulatory or legal needs spanning countries.


Complementary to your payment gateway, IWebSquare features robust features other than usual UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL integrations for shipping charges, package tracking, as well as returns. Regardless of whether shipping is at the center of your company's day-to-day operations or a more occasional requirement, you can be confident realizing that IWebSquare is the platform preferred by companies that rely entirely on shipping.

Taxes, Customs, And Duties

Along with multilingual features, IWebSquare provides multinational currency calculations and areas of expertise in international taxes, customs, and duties. Along with domestic Taxes and integration with internal ERP tax tables, Custom tax table, and putting together external API integration, IWebSquare provides customs and duties integrations along with your payment processor of preference, making sure that the most recent customs and duties data in real-time for international payments as well as ordering.

Platform Freedom

Together with enabling you to manage the payment processor of your preference, IWebSquare provides platform flexibility. Our online business software solution can get integrated as a module within preferred content management systems, or it could be on its own as an independent software platform which connects with your company's website. Regardless of what CMS you utilize, IWebSquare efficiently uses the total potential of an integrated online business.

ECommerce Integration To LOB Apps

The majority of mid-large sized businesses integrate many, or even dozens, of line-of-business apps to improve their workflows. Together with Dynamics Nav, and Nav 365 eCommerce integration, IWebSquare provides complete customization features to firmly integrate other LOB applications including order fulfillment tools, assistance, and ticketing tools, CRM and customer support tools, email and newsletter/marketing apps, and so on.

Scalable And Highly Effective

IWebSquare harnesses client-side rendering to enable practically limitless products and transactions in your online shop. Many other online business platforms deplete bandwidth and need extra or bigger servers as they evolve to make up for the higher demand, IWebSquare utilizes available bandwidth and server a lot more effectively, reducing hardware as well as workforce costs. With IWebSquare, your business will be able to concentrate on expanding your business, not your hardware infrastructure.


Payment processors are often vulnerable to a security breach. With IWebSquare's middleware layer, Square Connectâ„¢, expanse for possible safety issues is significantly low as data is safely pushed and pulled amongst the external eCommerce storefront as well as the internal platform. Both you and your consumers can be assured understanding that personal information remains protected all through the transaction and fulfillment processes.

IWebSquare And Payment Processor Integration

IWebSquare group of expert developers possess effectively integrated payment processing tools with IWebSquare.

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