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Outgrown eCommerce with Out of the Box personalization
Outgrown eCommerce with Out of the Box personalization

The usability and ease of having the customization developed exactly to your eCommerce is a powerful and time-saving approach.

Custom quote, customer group, and pricing ability
Custom quote, customer group, and pricing ability

Receive a custom quote from your clients, that get sorted into groups. Fix pricing based upon consumer groups and handle the whole process under one umbrella.

Customization for B2B and B2C eCommerce process
Customization for

B2B and B2C eCommerce


User-friendly customization for centralized supply management, inventory alert, unit cost tracking, order processing, as well as BI.

Accept & Fulfill Custom Quote Requests
Custom Quote Functionalities
Accept & Fulfill Custom Quote Requests

Mark specific items on your store for requesting quotes. Also, allow your clients to reach out to you for bulk pricing. Request singular quotations straight from the product page or let your clients put together a complete cart for quoting. Both you and your consumers will be able to monitor quote statuses and stay connected all through the quoting process. Provide custom costs per list item, and return to your clients for purchasing.

A Single Hub For Your Wholesalers
Add Dynamic B2B Features
A Single Hub For Your Wholesalers

Once logged in, you can get your company's users to the B2B Dashboard. This tailor-made portal provides several different ordering workflows for your wholesalers, consisting of Quick Order, File upload, View All Products, Previously Ordered Products, and your existing cart.

Handle Custom User Roles Through The Front End

Your company's wholesalers could additionally create sub-accounts that will be able to buy on their behalf. From the front-end, company accounts will be able to add new users through email address as well as choose specific user roles as per the amount of access they wish their user to have, either putting strict buying or additional admin access to the company account.

Set Pricing Choices Per Account Or Consumer Group
Powerful Pricing FeatureS
Set Pricing Choices Per Account Or Consumer Group

Build versatile consumer groups to include all types of rate choices at once. Set volume-based pricing, special product prices for specific consumers, exclusive regional pricing, and a lot more. Along with the group pricing feature, you will be able to additionally specify which payments and shipping choices are allowed per group or account.

Allow Your Consumer To Order In Bulk Quicker Than Ever Before

Rather than going page to page via your shop's front end, your visitors may view as well as filter all of your items on a single product matrix. Swiftly preview, configure as well as change the number of products, and watch as your cart updates in real-time to fit your specific configurations.

Set Credit Limits for your wholesale Clients
Set Credit Limitations for WholesalerS
Set Credit Limits for your wholesale Clients

Credit Limits enable your wholesalers to buy their orders through offline buying modes, such as check or money orders, purchase orders, wire transfers, or others. You can set credit limit amounts on a per company basis, as well as select the payment modes they are permitted to make use. Their available credit will instantly update following every offline purchase and will reset on 30 days.

Incorporate Effective B2B Tools in your Current Shop
Effective b2b Functions to Include in your shoP
Incorporate Effective B2B Tools in your Current Shop
B2B Suite is made to construct on your current e-commerce shop along with tools as well as workflows which enables your

e-commerce website

to move from a company to a larger enterprise. Along with functions such as the useful product purchasing matrix, product sales rep tools as well as workflows, the marketing download center, accounts credit limits, customized quoting feature, and much more, B2B Collection is here to shift your e-commerce shop to the next level.
Approve or Deny Buying on an Order By Order Basis
Include customized workflows for your shoP
Approve or Deny Buying on an Order By Order Basis

With the handling of sub-accounts and user roles, consumers could also set up their unique purchasing approval workflows. Purchasers can put together and create orders and submit them for approval by the company account administrator.

Crucial Functions
Data-driven purchase order management,
drop-shipping automation
, and real-time accounting updates to effectively enhance your supplier-to-door satisfaction process.
Systemize Back-To-Back Buy Purchase Ordering

Set purchase quantities, inventory levels, as well as make smart adjustments utilizing simple and transparent low inventory reports. IWebSquare instantly places purchase orders and offers versatile tools for more steady management for purchases.

Centralized Supplier Management

View a complete audit log of your supplier contact records - from email messages to call notes - monitor your most recent interactions, orders, or due payments along with other obligations. Work together with purchasing and merchandising teams to learn about the due dates for orders and payments.

Low Inventory Reporting

Obtain automated insights which are closer to low inventory threshold. Immediately place purchase orders or fine-tune the reorder quantities as well as providers to achieve new levels of effectiveness.

Effortlessly Calculate Landed Costs

Understand the real price of the products as well as track the margins for domestic as well as worldwide product sales by monitoring all your landed costs for each item, without missing out on shipping costs, import duty, insurance costs, tariffs, as well as relevant taxes. Understand your profitability to be able to scale your company via cross-border trade.

Supplier Access Portal

Change workflows within IWebSquare to complement the procedure which suits your requirements. Set shipping dates (manually or utilizing lead time), and offer supplier access to the web portal to get rid of manual tracking as well as data entry at your end. Additionally, improve your buying processes through sophisticated automation.

Powerful Unit Cost Monitoring

Monitor unit costs, margins, as well as revenue individually as well as for every merchant. Every supply service provider could have a distinct assigned price list or utilize a shared price list. Make use of the profit at a glance report to obtain quick updates on your productivity, or even get deeper to evaluate historical records for each period.

FIFO Inventory Costing Technique

Believe in your inventory valuation and maintain great asset values as well as profitability during times of inflation by receiving updates to inventory costs in real-time as per the FIFO (first-in, first-out) valuation method. Each of the updates is instantly visible in your accounting journals. Therefore inventory costing always remains updated.

Batch Invoicing

Instantly process batch invoices by producing a single purchase invoice for numerous purchase orders in just a couple of clicks. Include the supplier's invoice number, and our accounting module will accordingly modify the balances and purchase orders.

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