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Satisfied Clients
Satisfied Clients

An ERP-integrated shop provides a 24/7 self-service portal places the power in your consumer’s control.

More intelligent Sales
More intelligent Sales

Smooth integration generates a less number of mistakes, hours invested, and additional time for tremendous value.

Greater Collaboration
Greater Collaboration

Our solution offers your customers what they desire to help make the ideal decision for their organization.


E-Commerce Solution

for B2B and B2C

User-Friendly Product Catalogs
User-Friendly Product Catalogs

An online shop could be a lot more than a web-based product catalog - however, you need to get the building blocks appropriate for your online shop to ensure success. Fortunately, IWebSquare is easy.

A Powerful Beginning For Your Online Store

Allow your ERP to carry out the hard work. Make use of classifications as well as categorizations kept in your ERP to construct your online store’s product catalog framework.

Swiftly Kick Off Numerous Online Shops

Need a distinct online store for each location? Not an issue. IWebSquare enables you to unveil many stores as per multiple businesses.

Ship Items To Marketplaces

Sell outside your specific online store. Through IWebSquare, it is simple to export comprehensive product data to marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon as well as Google. (add-on)

Effortlessly Allocate Products To The Correct Online Store
IWebSquare will make controlling several online stores simple. You merely need to outline product assignments just once and in a single place: your company's

ERP system

Filter More Using Faceted Search

Rise above large catalogs with the help of faceted search. IWebSquare enables customers to filter results utilizing product attributes as outlined in your company's ERP to quickly discover their best product.

Utilize Bills Of Materials/Kitting And Assembly

Iwebquare helps to simplify buying process for your amazing customers. It also allows you to blend individual items perfectly into a single salable unit.

Straightforward Data Management

Our built-in e-commerce software utilizes your company's ERP’s master database in your online store and makes sure all of the newly generated online records (for example orders) are immediately accessible in your ERP.

Make Use Of Product Images Within Your ERP

Your company's IWebSquare online store is capable of showing the product images kept in your ERP, so there’s no reason to upload photos to several systems.

Abundant, Real-Time Product Data
Abundant, Real-Time Product Data

What’s more significant than easy-to-locate product data? The solution: easy-to-find product data that’s always current, without the need of your online shop confusing your ERP system.

Show Product Customizations In Your Company's Online Store

IWebSquare allows you to utilize custom fields in your company's ERP to optimize your product data. Our built-in e-commerce solution enables you to use this straight away in your online store.

Offer Precise Price Calculations Along With Units Of Measure
Our easy
ERP integration
would mean units of measure are automatically integrated and included in your online shop. The outcome? Optimum pricing accuracy.
Show Inventory Availability In Real-Time

IWebSquare monitors inventory levels right in your ERP all through the order process, which makes it difficult to sell out of stock items. The connection runs both ways, as well, which means that your ERP always displays the most current inventory levels as per real-time online order placement.

Complicated Pricing Rules Made Easy
Complicated Pricing Rules Made Easy

From order line discounts to consumer-specific pricing: IWebSquare’s e-commerce software utilizes all of the pricing logic as outlined in your ERP so that your online store can provide your customers the best bargain.

Always Show Accurate Pricing

IWebSquare utilizes pricing data straight from your company's ERP. Regardless of whether they go to your online store or talk to your sales representatives, your customers are always going to receive the correct price.

Provide Special Pricing Online

By having an integrated e-commerce solution, consumer-specific pricing calculations occur in your ERP and therefore are always accurate.

Present Correct Discounts In Your Online Store
IWebSquare makes use of the pricing logic from your company's SAP or
Microsoft Dynamics ERP system 
, so you're able to always depend on exact discounts in your online store.
Display The More Beneficial Deal With Tier Pricing

Our integrated web stores allow you to utilize tier pricing as a default pricing option. Customers could instantly find out if they’re at an advantage purchasing in bulk.

Let Customers View The Correct Order Line As Well As Invoice Discounts

IWebSquare automatically shows the right calculations for any discounts prompted by your company's ERP system.

Look At Real-Time Sales Tax Calculations

Effortless integration would mean IWebSquare online shops show the complicated sales tax calculation completed by your company's ERP in real-time.

Utilize Automatic Charges For Fees And Related Costs

Service charges, fuel costs, deposits, packaging charges, insurance, environmental taxes, disposal fees - IWebSquare online shops can show all the things that you need.

Online Order Processing
Online Order Processing

A modern online store isn’t adequate for a fantastic online shopping experience: also, you require ideal order processing. Here’s how IWebSquare’s e-commerce capabilities make sure you satisfy your customers, each time.

Assure Accuracy And Quick Turnaround Using Real-Time Orders

The smooth integration between IWebSquare and your company's ERP would mean orders will be processed instantly, not at the time of scheduled sync.

Always Keep Data Clean Using Real-Time Data Validation

Our built-in e-commerce software’s order validation procedure only utilizes rules per your company's ERP, modeled to suit your business-specific processes.

Offer Tailored Payment Conditions

IWebSquare utilizes your company's ERP’s logic to ascertain the payment conditions and alternatives available to your customers online. (Note: this is dependent on your company's ERP’s capability.)

Show Real-Time Shopping Cart Calculations

Provide customers with an entire summary of their order total. IWebSquare’s transparent, precise checkout process increases conversion and decreases your workload.

Make Use Of Your ERP’s Standard Quote Request (RFQ) Processes

Through an IWebSquare online store, your customers will be able to request quotes online. In addition to this: it's also possible to accept as well as deliver price quotes through the online store.

Show Customized Orders As Well As Process Order Comments

Our e-commerce software includes bi-directional comment functionality: you could add order comments through your company's ERP, and customers could add them through the online shop.

Utilize Dynamic Billing And Shipping Addresses

Get several shipping or billing addresses for a consumer? They could easily choose one in the IWebSquare online store, and shipping and delivery conditions will be automatically modified.

Present ERP-Calculated Shipping Charges In Real-Time

iwebsquare’s easy integration would mean online order charges are calculated dynamically in your company's ERP and instantly shown in your online store.

Edit Orders Even After They Get Placed

Haven’t you put in the process an order in your company's back office until now? Even then customers will be able to edit their Order through the online store. (This e-commerce attribute could be disabled.)

Help Customers Re-Order From Any Earlier Order

Yes, even orders placed via other channels. Using IWebSquare’s sophisticated e-commerce capabilities your customers will be able to order with minimum clicks as well as efforts.

Find Out Order Origin Using Order Number Ranges

IWebSquare utilizes your company's ERP system to store order data, and it will be able to access order number ranges used by your ERP straight away to help make order origin clear.

Keep Customers Up To Date Through Order Tracking

ERP systems will be able to handle the order tracking process automatically, and our ERP-integrated online store can show these tracking specifics online in real time.

Effortlessly View The Entire Account History

Our ERP-integrated online store enables you to provide customers a completely searchable as well as printable document lifecycle, right from quotations to orders to invoice management.

Accomplish Structured Product Returns

Through an IWebSquare store, your customers can quickly pick what they desire to return, specify the reason, and include any comments to generate a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).

24/7 Customer Attention
24/7 Customer Attention

Unable to follow up with all your customers? It’s a high-end problem, indeed - and it’s the one which our built-in e-commerce capabilities will be able to solve for your business. Here’s how we will empower customers and sales representatives.

Offer A Completely Localized Online Store Experience

Your consumer’s location, as registered in your company's ERP, decides their online store experience. The correct language, tax rates as well as currency calculations allow them to shop effortlessly.

Surpass Expectations Using Consumer-Specific Product Catalogs

If you utilize client-specific catalogs in your company's ERP system, it's also possible to use them in your IWebSquare online store to make sure that your customers only see products highly relevant to them.

Handle Your Consumer’s Portfolio

Logged in sales representatives can access their customer list, choose a customer, and view the online store from the customer point of view - this includes order history and distinctive client logic.

Effectively Handle Customer Data

Tax liability, address formats - ERP systems possess logic which validates this sort of information, and IWebSquare is robust enough to take advantage of it. The outcome? Completely Automated customer data maintenance.

Receive Useful Sales Reports

Your company's ERP produces sales reports for sales orders, shipments, invoices and much more. Your IWebSquare online store enables customers to download printable PDFs of these kinds of documents.

Allow Customers To Pay Invoices Online

Merchants utilizing IWebSquare’s robust e-commerce capabilities will be able to accept payments on open invoices straight from their online store. What could be better?

Deliver Product Manuals As Well As Documents Online

Take care of essential product paperwork such as manuals in your company's ERP and make them accessible in your online store - and insert URLs to the records.

Tailored E-Commerce Marketing
Tailored E-Commerce Marketing

From online retail shops to internet sales portals for professional purchasers: personalization is the key to everything. And we provide lots of e-commerce functions aimed at offering precisely that.

Develop Personalized Content As Per ERP Data

Make use of the customer data you’ve currently saved in your ERP system to tailor-make online store content and target a particular customer segment for maximum efficiency.

Personalize Your Company's Email Marketing

It's also possible to utilize ERP data to personalize your company's marketing email messages to precise consumer interests and requirements. No, email marketing indeed isn’t gone. (add-on)

Provide Ease Via Predictive Ordering

Our predictive ordering e-commerce attribute creates new order suggestions according to your consumer’s offline and online order history.

Obtain Intelligent Sales Statistics

Enhance your sales strategy. Blend online store behavior data with real ordering information for in-depth sales statistics on consumer behavior.

Show Related Items For Cross-Selling And Upselling

Did product sell out? Is a consumer searching for accessories or an upgrade? IWebSquare utilizes product relationships in your ERP to show related products on product pages.

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We help businesses leverage their stores to achieve the highest level of performance and profit, with features requested from our 300+ customer list.

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The All-In-One eCommerce Cloud Solution For High-Growth Brands.
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