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Single Admin For Every Store
Single Admin For Every Store

Handle your company's catalog, products, orders, consumer information, reports and content for all your shops without redundant efforts or numerous logins.

Promote as Numerous Brands
Promote as Numerous Brands

Promote multiple brands as well as products to various consumers in various regions - all with unique price points. Tailor-make individual store designs or you can restore branded themes.

Shared Inventory Throughout Stores
Shared Inventory Throughout Stores

Add products as well as bundles to several categories, share inventory all through several online shops and update product data and pricing from a single database.

Numerous Stores, A single Dashboard
Numerous Stores, A single Dashboard

Take care of your clients, orders, shipping and delivery, items, transactions, and all your everyday sales functions throughout several shops using your single admin console. You'll be able to assign administrators as well as permissions to handle different elements of your online shop. Logging into every one of your e-commerce stores is a thing in history.

Add Several Stores
You can include more shops whenever you want. If you feel you will make use of

multiple stores

, later on, ensure that you store your entire product images within the "shared" folder for your website. This approach allows any new store(s) to pull from the shared folder in the future, helping you save both disk space and regular, redundant efforts.
Every Shop, with a Distinctive Design
Every Shop, with a Distinctive Design

Take the design of every shop one step further with sophisticated design tools and complete accessibility to HTML as well as CSS. You'll be getting total control of your different stores and will be able to work as part of your free theme or utilize customized HTML files.

White Label Yourself

Have you got a catalog that you'd like to present using a different name? No issue! Utilize Multi-Store features, and your company's product catalog could have plenty of sites, domains, or shops with any appearance and feel you desire - all taking the same products but with distinct details.

Shared Products & Inventory
Shared Products & Inventory

Share the same products spanning all shops while you are centrally located and also update product data throughout all stores with a single click. With IWebSquare, your inventory could be linked throughout many sites to ensure that whenever a person buys a product on Shop A, then it impacts stock on Shop B.

Centralized Shipping
Centralized Shipping

Worldwide shipping includes carrying out currency conversions, combining insurance charges, tracking shipments, examining and forwarding taxes as well as customs, and comparing different courier choices to get the best shipping value. IWebSquare enables your company to add in many shipping choices which include UPS, FedEx, DayTon, Freight, AB, YRC, R&L, Conway, and Super Regional.

Customs / Duties / Taxes
It's important for firms to understand the customs as well as regulations for every country it serves. IWebSquare provides organizations with

eCommerce integration

which supports you swiftly get around shipping and customs data, ship items in the fastest possible way, and set up a powerful reporting system. IWebSquare's integrated tax support with real-time tax calculations enable speedy consumer checkout.
Become Global, Swiftly
Become Global, Swiftly

Together with the growth of the information era, the world has grown to be an open market. No more are customers pushed to buy items locally, or even across the country. Customers are asking for much more than ever before, and anticipate your online business to be available in their native language, along with checkout alternatives in their local currency. Each year organizations lose earnings as well as opportunities as they haven't optimized their online business for the international marketplace. In case your online store hasn't gone global, this is the time.

Together with multilingual capabilities, IWebSquare additionally provides you with the power to carry out multi-currency eCommerce. When overseas users shop using their particular currency, they feel more secure. It is because they know precisely how much they will be spending beforehand, which minimizes

shopping cart abandonment

A single Database, Limitless Rewards
A single Database, Limitless Rewards
For customers, distributors along with other business associates, the centralized control of multi-store
online business
offer several advantages. These benefits consist of branding products as per organization criteria, tracking data from several marketing streams from custom consumer portals and distribution portals, designing a remarkable consumer experience for both shopkeepers and their customers and handling operations from an integrated database that includes orders, adjustments, and consumer details automatically.
Improved Security For Multi-Vendor Online Business Platforms

A stable API layer in an in-built marketplace platform not just allows for sharing data but additionally improves security and could be utilized to add in your online business marketplace to your company's back-office ERP, CRM, PIM, Inventory Management app, 3PL or other applications used to manage the business.

The Incredible Advantages Of The Multi-Store E-commerce Marketplace
The multi-vendor
eCommerce solution
is quickly turning into an essential tool for B2B marketing. Manufacturers, distributors and purchasing committees choose to deal with reliable platforms where they can purchase everything or most of their items from hassle-free consumer portals irrespective of the original manufacturer. Setting up a multi-vendor marketplace platform provides these stakeholder-specific advantages:
For A Company Shop
  • Companies will be able to determine how various consumer groups order by curating lists of approved items, customizing pricing, offering focused user experiences for different consumer profiles
  • Hassle-free dashboards for admins to take care of their marketplace
  • Effortless interfaces enable management to control orders and route details for drop shipping instantly
  • Strong report builder allowing admins to produce their unique customized reports
For Distributors
  • Distributors will be able to set their own choices for which products they would like to have, pricing tiers as well as marketing and branding techniques
  • Bulk import along with EDI integration offers automated inventory volumes and product price changes
  • Distributors could manage their unique small websites inside the marketplace platform
  • Distribution portals make it possible for operation managers to take care of all orders, inventory capabilities, shipping schedules, order tracking, and consumer support applications using a centralized interface
For Store Owners & Sellers
  • Store owners will get many out-of-the-box and custom capabilities if the marketplace software is powerful and integrated with additional platform software like CRM, ERP as well as custom modules
  • Customized SEO features to ensure that shopkeepers can choose their preferred search keywords as well as meta descriptions
  • Order processing according to every store’s shipping policies and desired carriers
  • Assistance for saving and obtaining credit card information safely while adhering to government regulations (PCI DSS)
  • Capability to receive numerous real-time shipping rates for complicated deliveries
  • Complete accessibility to consumer registration data, wish lists, ordering histories as well as order management
  • Custom shopping carts and proprietary checkout techniques to distinguish every store
  • B2B and/or B2C assistance
  • Tailored RMA modules for returns as well as exchanges
  • Page templates for quicker product catalog arrangement, customized navigation, and product settings
  • Custom BIOs or Directory Listing and the capability to buy ad space in the marketplace
  • Marketplace platforms can provide their sellers store-within-store applications in which just the client’s products show up. Sellers will be able to upload customized catalog content, product images, set prices as well as manage their unique “stores” within the marketplace umbrella. Branding, layout, pricing as well as idea all represent the seller.
For Consumers’ Admin Team

Marketplace users will get bundled value additions from the appropriate software when it’s integrated holistically. Integration reduces development costs, speed upgrades and develop efficiencies of scale. These broadened functionalities consist of:

  • Capability to handle orders as well as inventory from custom-engineered consumer portals
  • Creating site-specific feeds for various online business platforms
  • Using standard or custom themes to multiple stores
  • Assisting superior client care for functions that demand it
  • Limitless scalability to grow worldwide
  • Optimizing maintenance expenses and perfecting routine management operations
  • Sharing products throughout various stores
For Franchises
  • Master franchises will be able to regulate ways their franchisees order important products including janitorial supplies, paper products, items for resale and stock for manufacturing procedures along with food services
  • Experienced marketplace businesses can provide their customers with translation services, up-to-date catalog pictures, persuasive videos
  • Sturdier marketplace platforms, such as IWebSquare provide franchise tiered management, which will enable both central as well as de-centralized control of franchises and franchise groups
  • Franchises will be able to set their unique pricing, schedules, items and language translations, in addition to payment and delivery methods
For Clients
  • Shops could be client-branded for high-profile consumers
  • Automatically filter Catalogs so that team is only able to order company-approved products
  • Utilize Access rights/roles for approvals of purchases for a specific dollar value
  • Punch card, re-ordering, bulk ordering, speedy orders, reusable shopping lists help to make ordering fast and straightforward throughout vendors
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