How Our Team Supports You:
Proof Of Concept Or

MVP Development

To Validate Your Idea with no need of putting together A Permanent Engineering Team on your own
Qa & Software Testing
Decrease Your Time-To-Market and build an improved product
End-to-end solution development
Including security architecture To Embedded Software Development And Customized Cloud Solutions
Innovative Services
Such as Data Analytics, AI And IoT Engineering To Assist Your Embryonic And Futuristic Technology Projects
Our Process:
Discovery is everything except for actual development. It's the real stuff such as initial scope, ideation, needs gathering, along with consultation. These crucial steps serve as a blueprint for the remaining part of the project. Post-Discovery, our team will be able to hand over things to your company's development team or put together a Team just for you.
Ideal When:
  • You Do not Have Clear Objectives
  • You Require A Proof Of Concept For Testing Or Stakeholder Buy-In
  • You are unsure of What You Need
Project Manager

Enterprise Consultants

Solutions Architect
UI/UX Designer
Development Support
A Repetitive Process
Why IWebSquare?
A Repetitive Process
You Get Additional Brilliant Feature Ideas Than You Are Able To Afford. And You’ll continue getting New Ideas all through Your Software Project.
Therefore, IWebSquare begins By supporting You to build A Prioritized Plan For A Workable First Release. Then, We develop Your Product In Short Cycles, holding meeting With You Every 1-2 Weeks To evaluate The Working Software, Ask Queries, And Alter Our Plan As Required.
This approach provides You The Flexibility To Adapt, Include New Information, And Launch The most effective Product Feasible
Investing Your Budget
Get ready For The Unexpected.
Every Software Project comes with Surprises. The way You Manage Them Depends On Your Professional Relations With Your
Software Partner
Time & Materials
Time & Materials
Why Budget At All? Simply allow Your Team to begin Working, And watch out for the outcomes. (Not Recommended.)
Set-Budget, Scope under control
Set-Budget, Scope under control
Carefully Alter The Scope, In Either Breadth Or Depth, Including New Learnings And Concepts.
Fixed Price
Fixed Price
You may disregard The Surprises And knowledge, as You have got Locked Into Your Original, Comprehensive Plan. Or You will be able to Renegotiate Your work With A set Of Change Orders.
Expand Your Team
Expand Your Team
Grow Your Development Team through IWebSquare’s Dedicated Specialists
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Develop Your Idea From Scratch
Develop Your Idea From Scratch
Assist Your Operations With A
Custom-Built App
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Take care of a complete Service
Take care of a complete Service
Create free time for your team with Our Assistance, QA, And DevOps Teams
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