Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Sell inventory quicker with 100% accurate stock count throughout all your company's sales channels synced in real-time.
Integrated Order Processing
Integrated Order Processing
Orders coming from all your company's channels synchronize straightaway with your inventory, warehouse facility, fulfillment or ERP workflows.
Cross Listing
Cross Listing
Copy/Clone your complete catalog from one marketplace to your company's other sales channels within a couple of clicks.
Accomplish within a few minutes, whatever you presently carry out in hours
Catalogue & Listing Management
Accomplish within a few minutes, whatever you presently carry out in hours
Catalog functions like updating several product listings & updating item descriptions occupy a lot of time in web-based selling. These efforts significantly increase whenever you handle one or more sales channel.

Multi-marketplace Listings

Easily create and list your products all through your many marketplaces within a few clicks, to enable you to concentrate much more on real selling.
Cross Listing
Clone your product listings throughout different local as well as global marketplaces within a few clicks.
Kits & Bundles Development
Develop Kits, Bundles & Sets of products within a couple of clicks and list throughout marketplaces at the same time.
Bulk Import/Export
Effortlessly import & upload your items in large quantities and list them numerous sales channels without hassles.
Do not ever stress about overselling/underselling
Stock & Inventory Handling
Do not ever stress about overselling/underselling
In case your company sells on several sales channels, and your inventory levels aren't up-to-date in real-time on all of the channels, there's always a possibility that you may oversell/undersell, bringing in marketplace penalties as well as bad reviews from your company's end consumers.
Therefore it's necessary for you to maintain your inventory shared throughout each of the channels, and update the Inventory every time you get an order, that too on every channel your company sells on. This approach is hugely time-intensive and results in Manual errors.
Do not ever Oversell/Undersell
With your inventory kept up to date in real-time, you don't need to concern yourself with overselling/underselling anymore.
Save Your Time & Efforts
You don't need to open numerous seller centers & update your company's inventory manually throughout sales channels. Bulk update your company's Inventory spanning channels at the same time with IWebSquare.
Re-fill Stock In Advance
Get alerts regarding your inventory in advance, so you're able to keep your company's stock always updated & do not ever lose an opportunity to sell
Be Prepared For All Sale Scenarios
Enhance and better handle your company's inventory with custom reports which offer clear observations on your inventory’s behavior.
Do not ever lose another order all over again
Order & Shipping Management
Do not ever lose another order all over again
Manually processing orders throughout marketplaces results in errors and might entice marketplace penalties. On an average, every mismanaged order leads to a $10 Penalty.
The majority of marketplace SLAs need you to process orders within 24 hours from when you get them. Going to many seller centers every time you get an Order is hugely stressful, and you land up missing processing the Orders in the SLA period.
Single Order View
Obtain a Single view of orders obtained on a variety of marketplaces, so you're able to process and deliver orders quicker.
Invoice & Shipping Label Printing
Quickly create and paste shipping labels on your company's orders and get them completed with the shipping service provider that you pick.
Cancelled & Returns Order Management
An order got canceled? Or getting returned by end consumer? Manage these kinds of Orders effortlessly within the same

Order Management System

Problem Order Management
Order caught up because of some problem or will be partially made available? Don't worry, handle and process your problem orders effortlessly.
Market Your Brands & Products More effectively
Pricing & Promotions Management
Market Your Brands & Products More effectively
Managing promotions is essential for pushing sales of your company's brand as well as products. However while selling on numerous sales channels, it can be quite challenging to control product prices along with promotions in real-time and monitor selling, especially at the time of peak seasons and marketplace sales.
Shifting individual product rates & marketing promotions, and monitoring the efficiency of these advertising campaigns gets quite complicated, resulting in dropped sales and opportunities to rival brands as well as sellers.
Promotion Categories
Manage great advertising campaigns by putting together product-wise, category-wise and store-wise marketing promotions on specific marketplaces.
Report Generation
Evaluate the success of your initiatives with ten different kinds of easy to customize reports, so you're able to expand your business.
Multi-marketplaces Promotions
Handle and run various kinds of marketing promotions like Percentage, Absolute, Pre-booking, Promo code and much more, throughout numerous marketplaces.
Scheduled Promotions
Schedule future marketing promotions along with start and end dates, set up pre-booking discounts, purposely cancel promotions plus more.
Determine Your Sales Achievement
Analytics & Reports Management
Determine Your Sales Achievement
When selling on numerous web-based marketplaces and online stores, it can be difficult to analyze every channel and understand what’s indeed working for your
e-commerce business
, unless you get one combined view.
Information such as ‘what sells on which channel on what day using what campaign at which price’ can improve your brands' online sales. The lack of actionable information in your business prevents your all round sales progress and decrease profits.
Get Valuable Updates
Optimize and better manage your inventory with customised reports that provide clear insights on your inventory’s behaviour.
Learn How Each Product Is Doing
Receive useful statistics including how your specific products are selling effectively on certain marketplaces, so you're able to optimize your marketing promotions and set prices appropriately.
Obtain Essential Information On An Intelligent Dashboard
Receive each of the essential statistics linked to your online sales on a single page, shown in an easy-to-understand graphical format.
Get Actionable Sales Insights
Obtain valuable insights to enable you to concentrate on the appropriate factors and develop your online sales earnings.
The All-In-One
Inventory Management Systems
For High-Growth Brands.
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