Effective Inventory Management

Effective Inventory Management

If you're handling several warehouse locations or inventory throughout several different channels, understand precisely what inventory you've got, how much of it will be in a position to sell, and exactly where it happens to be.
Conveniently sell complicated items

Conveniently sell complicated items

From fundamental to complex Items, bundles kits, IWebSquare enables versatile inventory handling alternatives that suit your business, so it's possible to sell the thing that makes the most sense for your consumers.
Make the right decisions
Make the right decisions
Promptly respond to unforeseen modifications in your inventory without having to sacrifice time or effort because of handling the process manually. Find out what items are selling, the spot where you get the maximum margin and the way to make adjustments for better and quicker growth.

Inventory Control

IWebSquare automatically synchronizes your entire inventory spanning each store and marketplace - which means you won't oversell ever again. Generate a sale at any place, and IWebSquare immediately updates stock on your company's website as well as updates other marketplaces.
Inventory Control Capabilities
Why IWebSquare ?
Inventory Control Capabilities
  • Numerous Warehouses
  • Warehouse bin locations
  • Kits and bundles
  • Automated stock rules
  • Inventory historical background
  • Modify in bulk
  • Modify inventory at any place
  • Maintain Inventory completely synced throughout several warehouses
    Multiple Warehouses
    Maintain Inventory completely synced throughout several warehouses
    IWebSquare allows you to synchronize Inventory throughout several warehouses as well as locations. You can track everything in real-time with appropriate stock levels displayed throughout all shops and marketplaces.
    Find out precisely where any product is present in your warehouse
    Warehouse Bin Locations
    Find out precisely where any product is present in your warehouse
    IWebSquare understands just where your stock can be found - separated by Aisle, shelf as well as bin location.
    So you're able to locate items utilizing either the browser app or mobile immediately.
    Develop product bundles.  Keep inventory stable.
    Kits & Bundles
    Develop product bundles. Keep inventory stable.
    Effortlessly blend products for selling in Kits and Bundles on any sales channel. IWebSquare makes it easy - and still maintains inventory levels completely synchronized in real-time.
    Automatic Stock Rules
    Manage Precisely How Much Stock Shows Up In Your Every Store
    Establish rules governing the quantity of stock displayed on each of your company's shops - providing you with total assurance that your inventory levels will be 100% correct.
    Discover issues immediately by having a comprehensive inventory history.
    Inventory History
    Discover issues immediately by having a comprehensive inventory history.
    IWebSquare provides you with an entire history of each line of inventory and every interaction with it. That means it’s easy to get through to the cause of any issues or errors.
    Bulk edit your whole inventory within a few clicks
    Edit In Bulk
    Bulk edit your whole inventory within a few clicks
    Perform edits to any quantity of your items in Bulk. Directly export to a spreadsheet, carry out the edits and import straight into IWebSquare within a couple of clicks - easy.
    Handle your inventory from any place across the world
    Adjust Inventory Anywhere
    Handle your inventory from any place across the world
    Remain on top of your company's inventory levels no matter where you will be. Examine, control and update from anyplace with internet access utilizing the IWebSquare Scanner or smartphone app.
    Major Features
    iWebsquare’s versatile inventory management comes with each of the features you'll want to remain in control of your inventory and make quick, influential business decisions. Along with IWebSquare, redistribute your team closer to growth tactics and minimize the time invested on expensive admin overheads.
    Multichannel Inventory Management
    Steer clear of harmful out-of-stock or oversold product errors with complete visibility into inventory levels at any place and at any time. With quick updates throughout every one of your e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, as well as brick-and-mortar shops, precisely know what inventory you'll want for ensuring the perfect experience for your consumers.
    Allocate Numerous Barcodes For each Product
    In IWebSquare, products support all popular barcode types (Barcode, UPC, EAN, ISBN), and could even have numerous barcodes allotted to a single product. Pick and choose which barcode(s) you want to scan in IWebSquare’s warehouse system.
    Multi-Location Inventory Management
    Inventory levels at any location will be instantly updated according to inventory sales, warehouse-to-warehouse transfers, returns, restocks and much more. Obtain a single view of inventory throughout all online and physical locations.
    Categories, Brands, And Types
    IWebSquare enables you to bring in data-driven product structures utilizing categories, brands, and versatile product types. Get insights on your sales information by reporting against product choices and using different levels of granularity.
    Versatile Cycle Counting
    Balance the performance and accuracy of your cycle counts by creating and scheduling a quick cycle count ahead of time. Target your stock-taking around the bestsellers and maximum value items and separate between full and partial cycle counts according to place, product characteristics and much more.
    Package Aspects Into Products
    Effortlessly group your distinctive product categories collectively and take care of complicated combinations to diversify your product lines. As bundled up items get sold, their linked inventory goes down automatically without the need for cumbersome and manual workarounds.
    Comprehensive Inventory Reporting
    Believe in your inventory valuation and keep high asset values and profits in times of inflation with updates to inventory expenses in real time utilizing the FIFO (first-in, first-out) valuation method. All updates are instantly accessible in your company's accounting journals, so inventory costing will always be up-to-date.
    IWebSquare makes it possible to precisely monitor your assembly process while generating appropriate accounting transactions in the background.
    Bill Of Materials
    Keep track of raw material inventory in IWebSquare and automatically turn into finished goods as soon as they get placed together. Accounting, as well as inventory modifications, can be handled automatically allowing you to get rid of any manual errors.
    The All-In-One Inventory Management Systems For High-Growth Brands.
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