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Advantages of using IWebSquare

prototyping software process

allows you to quickly access a variety of top talent to build the software you need

We handle project management so you don’t have to.


Regular communication enables you to iterate promptly


High-quality prototypes to test out your ideas


Develop MVPs within weeks, not months

Reduce risk with IWebSquare Software Prototyping
Reduce risk with IWebSquare Software Prototyping
If you’re about to embark on a large

application development


custom software development

project, you should consider software prototyping as an important first step.
What is it and why does it matter?
At the start of a creating

software development solutions

, risk is high and rooted in uncertainty. No matter the project, there are lots of answered questions.
Prototyping Ensures ROI
Prototyping Ensures ROI

software development

  • What business benefit would this generate?
  • Are we constructing the appropriate thing?
  • Are we fixing the correct problems?
  • What will it cost and how long will it take?
Prototyping Ensures Usability
Prototyping Ensures Usability for custom software development
  • Will it be user-friendly?
  • Will end-users put it to use?
  • How will it work on various devices?
  • Will this make my users more productive?
The most significant risk arises from misunderstanding.

The different parties engaged are not yet in alignment around a single vision - or worse yet, they count on an Alignment that isn’t truly there

SquareModel Software Prototyping Lowers Risk.
Reduce Risk
Reduce Risk

The power of visualizing your idea before you spend money to build ensures your software development team has a clear target to hit.

Clarity & Alignment
Clarity & Alignment

SquareModel is the power of ‘show’ vs. ‘tell,’ because interacting with a prototype is the quickest route to clarity and alignment.

Facilitate Problem-Solving
Facilitate Problem-Solving

Focus on knowledge acquisition to reduce the chances of building the wrong thing or investing resources in low-value features.

What is Square Model?
Software development is a complex process that requires both good communication and iterative trial and error. Our solution is Square Model, a
prototyping software development
process that quickly turns your software concept into an
interactive software prototype
Like a Movie Set

Think of SquareModel like the set of a classic Western. The actors can walk down a dusty street, wave to friends leaning out of open shutters, walk through the swinging doors of the saloon, and shoot out of the barbershop.

Feels Real But is Not

With a movie set - merely constructing facades with nothing behind them - it’s quite straightforward to change the corner store with the haberdashery or to make a decision, after looking at it as a whole, that the sheriff has to go the other way down the road.

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