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How We Stand Behind Our Code
Being a defined process, we can guarantee quality, but also speed. This gives you the ability to receive pieces of software as quickly as possible. As well giving us the ability to get real-time rapid feedback from you so we know that we're on the right path.
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

We make sure that the code they are returning is working smoothly and as expected.
Code Guarantees

Code Guarantees

If you come across a bug then we will fix it we don't charge for bugs.
Project Support
Project Support
During the project we will give you support, with weekly calls and ticketing.
Timely Delivery

Timely Delivery

We give small deliverables that will give you the most value the fastest.
Code Quality: What is ‘Good’ Code?
Code Quality
Easy to Maintain and Read
It’s easy to maintain and read, allowing fast reviews of and changes to the code.
Meets the Highest Standards
It complies with all coding, technical and security standards.
Testable From Start to Finish
All flows are designed to be testable — i.e. a functional test can achieve 100% code coverage.
Incrementally Deployable
It can be incrementally deployed to a production environment, allowing for fast-tracked delivery timelines.
Small Deliverables, Big Value.
We work with defined lean and agile processes which means we give small deliverables that will give you the most value the fastest.
Get Better Quality Code
Managing Code Quality in a Fast-Paced Team
At the start of a

software development

project, risk is high and rooted in uncertainty. No matter the project, there are lots of answered questions.
What you get from IWebSquare
At each stage of our project process, you are in the driver’s seat. Expect a well-managed team and frequent updates.
Top 1% Talent
UX/UI designers
and engineers from top schools and top companies, vetted through a strict vetting process. 
Zero Ramp-Up
Kick off new projects fast. Your dedicated team does all the work of assembling the right experts to scope and start new initiatives.
Managed Process
Your dedicated PM does all the heavy-lifting of managing the project team so you can focus on what’s important.
Supervisor-Level Reporting
Monitor the progress and health of your project based on key attributes like milestone tasks, bugs, blockers, and team happiness.
Direct Access to Experts
Get expert advice right when you need it from any pro in our network, whether it’s a data scientist, architect, UX designer, or machine-learning master.
Project Specs and Scoping
IWebSquare technical writers will do all the work of gathering crucial project information from key stakeholders to deliver highly technical requirements that developers understand.
IP Security, Ownership and Licensing
You get complete ownership and licensing for the software built by IWebSquare, so you’re free to use and commercialize it.
Code Documentation
and Transition
We’ll provide everything you need to seamlessly hand off new software and train your internal teams.
Testing, Support and Maintenance
End-to-end testing, round-the-clock support for bugs, and on-demand maintenance.
IWebSquare maintains a variety of guarantees to protect and satisfy company-level obligations for our enterprise partners.
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