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Sync your invoices, payments as well as inventory with our QuickBooks Online integration

This integration ascertains all critical data with regards to your orders and returns gets synced automatically. IWebSquare would handle contacts, products, sales invoices/credits, and purchase invoices/Credits in your QuickBooks account. Sales receipts and refunds generated in either system will move through to the other, enabling you to decide where to handle consumer payments. Accounts payable could get managed in QuickBooks, with any Payments or refunds updating the linked purchase order in IWebSquare.

Key Features

  • Cut down manual data entry as transactions show up automatically in your books
  • Get more productive by cutting back time on bookkeeping tasks
  • Connect numerous QuickBooks accounts to just one IWebSquare account
  • Utilize either IWebSquare or QuickBooks for handling accounts receivable
  • Integrate conveniently without the need of a developer

How It Works

  • Sales Payments And Refunds

    Sales payments and refunds can be carried out in either IWebSquare or QuickBooks, with the other system getting updated automatically. Payment methods are mapped in the connector settings to make sure correct account is updated.

  • Contacts

    New customer and vendor accounts generated in IWebSquare, or adjustments made to existing accounts, would be shown in Quickbooks Online. Details including name, company, email, billing/shipping address, and the currency get transferred.

  • Products

    Primary product data like SKUs and product names will get sent from IWebSquare to QuickBooks Online. New products included in IWebSquare would get created in QuickBooks with modifications made to current products also gets synchronized.

  • Purchase Invoices And Credits

    Whenever a purchase order gets to the invoiced status in IWebSquare, a purchase order get generated in QuickBooks Online that contains the relevant products/services, all set to be copied to a bill. Purchase credits get synchronized in the same manner.

  • Sales Invoices And Credits

    Whenever a sales order gets to the invoiced status in IWebSquare a sales invoice with the consumer, date, products/services, amounts, etc. is generated automatically in QuickBooks where inventory gets deducted. Sales credits get synchronized in the same manner.

  • Inventory

    Inventory in QuickBooks is updated when it comes to financial transactions, i.e., inventory gets decreased as sales invoices get generated and increased as purchase orders get billed. Our inventory adjustment synchronization is coming soon!

  • Purchase Payments And Refunds

    Payments refunded against connected orders and credits would be created in IWebSquare.

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