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Why 1%?

As a network, we have a very rigorous screening process to identify the best. We are experts in our domains, and we look for great problem solvers with passion and drive — the types of people we want to work with (and learn from) ourselves. Of the thousands of applications IWebSquare sees each month, typically fewer than 1% are accepted.

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Why 1%?
Being adaptable is the key here

Being adaptable is the key here

Hiring Process

Job Applications (24K / Year)

We get more than 24,000 applicants every year. After evaluating their profile, and utilizing a unique set of algorithms, we allocate each candidate to the most suitable open positions that we've got or might have soon. This step represents the start of our stringent hiring process, which only the Top 1% of candidates are going to make it through.

Online Tests

After the applicant engineers get tracked for a position, our system automatically assigns them the relevant set of 8 to 12 online tests in line with his / her distinct skills together with mandatory English as well as IQ exams. We've got over 80 different tests that we utilize based on the applicant’s preferred role and relevant experience. For instance, a Java Developer will need to go through (at least) Java, Object Oriented Programming, SQL, Algorithms, Front End, Back End, Advanced IQ, English and other tests based on the position.


HR Interview

In case the candidate passes the exams, our HR team holds a set of interviews with the applicant to gauge not just their experience but also whether their communication skills, determination, personality are going to be a good match for IWebSquare and our clients.

Written Tests

For people who successfully pass the HR Interview, a set of more precise written tests will be assigned. The written tests are designed to evaluate both the trait of being technologically knowledgeable and the candidate’s entire approach to dealing with creative projects.


Technical Interview

The final step before being hired is extensively carried out by our expert Technical Interviewers. At this time, precise questions associated with the future projects where the candidate might engage are asked, such as real-time problem-solving. The ones that do well in this interview are appointed and therefore are the Top 1%
Software Engineers
that'll be working together with our clients.
Square Staff Match™

Whenever our clients request a new project or a current project requires a new set of Software Engineers, our Square Staff Match™ system will recommend best-suited employees to staff and implement those projects. Our Square Staff Match™ brings together complex algorithms which include not just technological and profile matches for the projects but prior performance, immediate availability, and clients’ features.

Done! Project Delivery

Congrats! Your team is ready to proceed, and your company's project is heading to successful completion. Your team is going to be communicating with IWebSquare's team every day: running video conferences, having meetings, obtaining progress updates, and operating in your same time-zone.

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